I am a tenured assistant professor (professor adjunto, in Portuguese) at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of BrasĂ­lia (UnB), Brazil. At UnB, I am also a biomedical engineering researcher affiliated with the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics (LARA), its Center for Assistive Technology (NTAAI), and the Laboratory for Regulatory Trials for Medical Equipment (LabCert).

My research interests involve the application of methods from robotics, control, and signal processing to neurorehabilitation and assistance to disabled persons. With that purpose, I am involved in different research projects in which there is close collaboration with clinical partners, particularly from UnB Faculty of Ceilândia (FCE). More details are available within the concerned publications.

Among the research projects I am involved in, some have already been transfered to institutions outside the university. For instance, within Project EMA a tricycle for individuals with paraplegia based on Functional Electrical Stimulation was built. The team then went to take part at Cybathlon 2016. Indeed, regarding all technologies pictured in this website, I am always looking for new clinical, industrial, and academic partners. Please contact me for further information.

In this website you can find my brief bio, contacts and general research info. For further information, please access my Lattes CV or my Google Scholar page.